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A reevaluation of your life, of your wishes and aspirations for this year, as well as reorganizing your priority list would do you a lot of good.

Although the start of the year feels like a powerful one because you are full of enthusiasm, you will soon feel to put some order in your like, maybe even some cleaning in your circles of friends.

However, despite the fast rhythm of your life, you should not neglect your own body, instead, you should make doctor appointments when they are due for routine checkups, adopt a balanced lifestyle and also you should not neglect your sleep hours.

The alternative therapies can be of great help, as well as halotherapy or SPA treatments, which are able to relieve stress and relax you. They are opportunities to obvious to miss but they do require a new outlook, a new state of mind and, quite possibly, some new goal orientation.

Get your free Leo money horoscope. It used to work but does it still do its job? Partners can be helpful at times….

Reflective of a year-end bonus perhaps, or a new career offer, put anything that arrives to good use…and consider the future.

Jupiter hugs the shadows of your life silently for the first 7 months of the year offering guardian angels when you most need them and support when support is most lacking.

Intuitions can be enhanced but they can also be over-expansive. Stay grounded when tuning in to your intuition and have faith that the universe will provide precisely what you need when you need it the most.

A quiet, steady someone can play a very covert part in your life early this year but as the months go along you may discover their help and their presence.

In August Jupiter moves into your own sign signaling a period of enhanced opportunities. Indulgences are easy to pursue…stay centered and avoid over-doing anything.

Another year is ahead that hosts Uranus in the realm of partnerships and intimate commitments, Leo. Where the up and down changes this cosmic giant has zipped into your life.

Forget trying to guess what the universe is bringing in next when it comes to romance, passion and those delightful explorations….

Dreams, fantasies and reality. Perceptions and misty reality are the realms of Neptune and it too does its number on your relationships, romances and unions.

There is only one place to go for your answers here…and that place is inside. Friendships, alliances and all those shared dream-things fall into the category of events and connections and possibilities that usher in the future.

With the north node of the moon sharing the sign of Gemini with Saturn it is easy to know which exciting new option fits best…it will always be the one that makes the most sense, that fits your life logically and that carries the most practicality.

Leo horoscope on love, money and career — very accurate forecast. This is going to cause you a great deal of pain.

So, your decision is whether or not to let the secret out. This is one of those situations where free-will is in play.

I suspect your course of action will be to bury yourself in your work and try not to think about it. This may be the way to go and the decision is yours, of course.

Just remember that everything is in Divine Order. These appear to have to do with affairs of the heart.

Perhaps what you need to do is really do some thinking about whether you truly want this relationship or not.

It may not be in your best interest. So, stay focused on your work and try not to obsess over this issue but I know you probably will anyway. This may be just what it takes for you to work that through.

That charm may be only skin deep. It will feel like everything falls on your shoulders. The month ends with some new hopes and dreams beginning to come true.

Boy, you really seem to be on the fast track this month! Take good care of you! You will have more strength this month than usual so feel free to take on some of those projects you have been avoiding.

So it took me until Day 4 of my DC to find an analog scale and weigh myself for the first time in ages. The news was not good: This cannot be right, I thought.

Facing the truth became my first challenge. Chad and Brenda asked for a picture on Day One. I took a selfie in the mirrored part of an armoire.

The results were as shocking as the number on the scale. That lady in the mirror cannot be me , I thought. This is not me! It would have been easy to quit.

Looking good again seemed all but impossible. Yet I had already invested in vegetables, and this time I felt determined not to let them die a slow death in the fridge.

The graphic designer in me started to notice the stunning colors and textures of healthy food. I also realized that what I thought was healthy had been impeding my life for decades.

Paleo did away with my standard breakfast of old-fashioned oatmeal with raisins and creamer, plus a glass of orange juice. Grains turned out to be the culprit that kept me in the bathroom nearly every morning.

I learned that my orange juice, raisins, and creamer were loaded with sugar that was fueling, rather than burning, my fat cells.

I knew that sugar fuels cancer cells too. I would rehydrate with coconut water and Gatorade, and limp through each afternoon on electrolytes and a long nap.

I felt so week, but no one knew. For lunch or dinner each day, I would eat a frozen meal. Though a dental hygienist trained in nutrition, I had no clue that I was eating totally wrong.

From my standpoint, I was doing a good job just by staying alive. I felt like doing some chores around the house and enjoyed the most mundane tasks.

The simple pleasures of cooking and eating healthy food quickly made radical, positive changes in my life.

I even enjoy doing dishes. I take pictures of my beautiful plates full of food half vegetables and share them online with my new paleo support team.

I find joy in encouraging others on their journey, and love this resource. During the first 30 days, I followed the plan as best I could, not counting the cookie or two that I found in the freezer and one piece of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

Not everything was organic or grass-fed or free-range. The learning curve seemed steep. But I must have been doing some things right, for the legs and sleeves on my clothing kept getting longer.

I hoped for five or ten pounds. Happiness returned in my life, along with a sense of purpose and determination to stay on-course. But I still had to face that scale on Day That milestone came quickly, and I was shocked to learn that 18 pounds were gone!

Maybe even 20 pounds, counting those first three days before I could weigh myself on Day 4. I celebrated by sharing the news with new friends online and decorating for Christmas.

I prepped and grilled some vegetables, shaking them in a Ziploc bag with olive oil. Wild-caught salmon accompanied half a plateful of yummy grilled vegetables for dinner, replacing frozen meals that I no longer buy.

Again, I took a picture of my plate. Paleo is a joy, a life-changing adventure. As the first twenty pounds melted away, my blood glucose dropped eight points, to I sleep through the night, rather than wake up every two hours.

My clothes fit better. I feel satisfied with my nutrient-dense food, and seldom need a snack. Earlier I mentioned my team.

So are my nutrition-conscious PCP and hematologist. My diagnosis is SMM, or smoldering multiple myeloma, and is not considered cancer. All of my doctors are percent in favor of paleo as part of my program.

With a progression rate of only one percent per year not incremental , my chances of outliving it look good.

But I want to have every possible chance of being fully here for my kids, my grandkids, and myself, enjoying each day to the max.

Paleo has given that to me, serving as the cornerstone of my healthy new life. I love it — not only for the weight loss but for how good it makes me feel.

My name is Deborah Tubbs and when I decided to embark on this journey, my husband Marvin said he wanted to do the Day Challenge with me.

We are both 65 years old. I wanted to drop some pounds but, most importantly, I wanted to feel better.

At the time, I had major digestive issues. I woke up every day not feeling well, always bloated and never knew what food was causing it.

Sometimes I could eat something with no ill effects and the next time that same food would cause me major issues. We emptied our pantry and refrigerator of all the temptations and began the Challenge.

We ate lean meats, fresh veggies and have eliminated sugar. We never went hungry. My husband used to be on Metformin for Type 2 diabetes.

What an interesting and informative 30 days that was! I feel like the Paleo Secret Day Challenge was a success for me.

Before the challenge I would wake up every morning feeling pain inside my body. Usually it manifested itself around my mid-section.

I also had this sciatica condition where pain would shoot down the back of my right leg. It was really uncomfortable. I would start my day vaping cannabis just to ease the pain during the day Cannabis is legal in Seattle.

On day 6, I woke up and the pain was gone. The sciatica pain was subsiding. Later in the challenge, the sciatica pain disappeared altogether.

Plus I stopped using Cannabis to treat the pain. For fitness I started walking again. My pet Chihuahua and I would walk the neighborhood about four times a week.

Usually we traveled 2 to 2. There is a nice hill to climb during the walk, which got less challenging every day. One time Zarya my chihuahua and I walked 3 miles!

My before and after pictures did not show much change. However, I started the challenge at pounds and I ended the challenge at pounds.

I feel really great about losing that weight. For October, I am doing the challenge again. For the fitness part, I am changing to 1 to 2 mile walks five times a week.

My goal is to lose another ten pounds in October. My overall goal is to get my weight down to pounds. Maybe I can reach I feel that will take a year to do but now I have all this newfound knowledge.

I am getting to know how my body reacts to food and exercise. I think I finally found a method to achieve this. Plus I am learning how to cook healthy meals which is a lot of fun too.

Plus I am saving money in that we are not going out to eat as often during the month. I want to thank Chad and Brenda for their website and their helpful advice over the past 30 days.

Everything was so helpful to me and I am thankful for how you both approach this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Before the Day Challenge, I had hip surgery on my left hip and pain in my right hip. I anticipated having to have surgery on that hip as well.

The pain I felt in both hips, even after surgery was so bad that I was having a hard time sleeping and working.

The pain was worse at night, but never went away. I have had this pain for years. I had done physical therapy, steroid shots, pain management, and surgery.

I did not look forward to more surgery as it did not relieve the pain. Because of the pain, exercising had been nil — even swimming hurt.

I decided that I was all in.

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As with the rest of the people there, he witnesses the Duel between Yusei and Akiza. After it concludes with Yusei's victory, Leo tags along with Luna and the other Signers as they are invited by Rex Goodwin into his place, as he wants to reveals to them some secret concerning the Crimson Dragon , as well as some sort of deep connection between them and the Dark Signers.

There he learns about their own "fate" which is responsible as for that the Signers to have met in someway. Leo finally learns that the fifth Signer was already awakened long ago and that it will appear later on, and also about the Dark Signer's true identity involving the Netherworld, their abilities, and use of "Earthbound Immortals".

After that Leo seems to accept the fact that he is not a Signer, he tells Luna that then there's no reason for him to go with them to Satellite, as the only thing he could if he did is to get in their way.

However his sister tells him that he doesn't need to be a hero, just to be there to protect her as he promised from the start, so he accompanies her and the other Signers to Satellite.

Akiza, Leo, and Luna eventually meet up with Yusei and Jack, giving Yusei a morale boost and support so he will hopefully change his mind about refusing to Duel Kalin by saying that they will all fight along his side.

Yusei and Jack both have friends to fight for, along with the protection of Satellite and New Domino City. An argument between Jack and Leo breaks out, as Leo says that he will definitely become cool like Yusei and Jack, but Jack insists that Leo will never become cool.

When they all arrive to Satellite they are greeted by Martha. However, the reunion is cut short as Yusei finds out that Rally , Crow , and the others have disappeared.

Later during dinner, Roman suddenly appears, demanding to Duel. As Yusei accepts to Duel, accompanied by Akiza, Jack and everyone else take Martha and the kids to a safer place.

Later on, as each one of the Signers is set on defeating their respective opponent, they split up to each of the four control units of the Original Ener-D Reactor.

Due to this, Leo bravely challenges Devack to a Duel in her place, as he is determined to fulfil his promise of protecting her.

Despite Devack's warning that Leo isn't a Signer, and therefore he won't be able to beat him, the Duel begins and Devack is able to quickly inflict damage to him.

Leo, after getting a strategy together, is able to push Devack back by destroying "Zeman the Ape King". After Luna comes back, she sees her brother in trouble and takes over for Leo as a way of making it up to him.

She and Leo then win the Duel together. He watches the Duel between Yusei and Roman with Yusei winning.

Leo at first believes that he is dead, but, like everyone else there, is surprised when Yusei returns, though unconscious. And after he wakes up and that everyone eventually go up through the same stairs they use before, they all notice in the distantance the purple sparks, to which they can only believe means that Jack has won and also activated the third Tower.

Arriving at and old and abandoned amusement park, the twins began looking for her and Mina. After Sayer awakens Akiza's power and is transformed once again into the Black Rose, they notice the tornado that has materialized after she Summons " Black Rose Dragon ".

As they then get to the area where the Duel is taking place, they both notice Akiza's powers having once again manifested even stronger.

After Mina and Trudge arrive, they all watch the outcome of the match, with Akiza emerging victorious. However they notice that it's too late for the last Tower to be activated, as the sun has already set.

They then see the Condor geoglyph that has appeared on the sky. The King of the Netherworld not only revives, but also is heading towards the formed Condor geoglyph, which is over New Domino City.

However, the Crimson Dragon appears once again to take everyone to Rex Goodwin's mansion. Where he reveals to them his identity as the final Dark Signer and then declares that a Shadow Turbo Duel will be held within Condor geoglyph as a ritual to welcome the King of the Netherworld.

As Yusei, Jack, and Crow accept the Duel in order to stop the resurrection of the King of the Netherworld, Leo cheers for them along with his sister and the rest of the people who can only support them by watching while hoping they win.

Dexter also accompanies them and the three of them are pupils there of Miss Bartlet. Later, Leo, Luna, and Dexter go to a haunted forest were people are reported to disappear.

Soon after they venture into the forest, Luna disappears. Leo then goes looking for her while Dexter goes to get Yusei. Leo finds a mansion and sees Luna in a window.

A boy then appears, preventing Leo from entering. Leo Duels the boy, whose name is Haley , as Haley believes that Leo is there to hurt his sister.

Yusei gets in and assists Luna. Luna wants to help the spirit of Claire , who is still in the house, and finds a special card. Leo defeats Haley, whom he finds out is just a spirit, and Luna is free.

Luna gives Haley the special card and Haley and Claire disappear. Leo and the gang appear at the World Racing Grand Prix party.

Leo and Luna watch Akiza on her first day of riding a Duel Runner. After the lesson, the two accompany Yusei and Akiza to a skating rink so Yusei can show Akiza a few tricks.

He comments that this is a date to his sister and Luna agrees at some point. When Lester enters Duel Academy, Leo gets very suspicious about him and tries to protect his sister from him.

Lester does all he can so he can keep him separated from Luna. While stuck at school, later knowing it was a trick, he sets out to find Lester's mansion and discovers he Duels using a skateboard for Turbo Duels.

After finding this out he asks Yusei to construct a similar device in order to challenge Lester. Yusei constructs a Dueling skateboard dubbed a Duel Board for Leo.

He tries to gain some experience riding it, though he has difficulty at first. He then meets up with his sister, who is also trying to practice with the board Lester gave her.

However, the skateboard Luna receives is controlled by Lester and forces her to Duel him. Leo then joins the Duel to protect his sister.

During the Duel, Leo identifies the mysterious Duelist as Lester. Despite the fact that Leo could not defeat Lester, Leo did succeed in making Lester so angry that he rushed to finish the Duel without capturing Luna's "Ancient Fairy Dragon", which was his goal all along.

Leo is blown off the track and falls, only to be saved by the Crimson Dragon. The Dragon's sudden appearance surprises everyone, even their mysterious spectators.

After the Duel, the twins backtrack where Lester lived, only to find an empty space. No one else in Duel Academy seems to recall him either.

Despite the fact that the Duel was one in which damage was real, Lester brushed off Luna's attack, but for some reason Leo seemed able to hurt him.

Creating community around your goals is a force to be reckoned with. I know accountability groups can be super helpful when you find one that really supports you.

First, I started posting on Instagram consistently because it felt like the easiest thing to do on a consistent basis to gain momentum.

That lead to longer posts, which eventually led to me creating my 30 Day Energy Cleanse challenge Podcast, which eventually led to me a Podcast consistently.

Hi Marie, This topic is my biggest and most consistent challenge.. I beat up on myself in childhood so my internal identity can be really at odds with the success I am trying to create in my life — result powerful undermining feelings and cravings that trip up my consistent actions.

I know you want to help! This is a great question, Dale. It sounds like a win-win for both of you! Hey Marie — love your work.

To me, all the amazing people I work with are so often getting distracted by busy-ness and then get overwhelmed with too much to do.

And then they do nothing. And thanks Marie for this valuable episode. Thank you very much for dealing with this topic. I battle it consistently.

I do not have a strategy for getting goals accomplished consistently. I am like a pistol that fires one shot and then needs to reload. Finish projects at home 2.

Finish projects at Union 3. Turn in promotion packet. Fantastic ep thanks Marie and team. Totally bookmarking this one to send to clients when needed.

Hi Marie — thank you for a good advice. I have a question. How many articles should I write a week and how many tweets are appropriate and what about the topic?

Love this practical advice. You asked how we stay consistent well I draw inspiration from the people I admire.

What are they doing regularly in order to be successful and most of them have consistency, regularity and a formula that they follow.

I simply apply a formula non-negotiables to my day and throw myself in. I always find something to get me pumped up on your blog , xoxo!!! Thank you for this.

Hi Marie, Just a note to say you rock! I want to thank you for consistently doing what you do. I fell off my own wagon with regards to diet and exercise and put on 20 pounds this year alone.

However, after watching your video, you inspired me enough to change the direction of the tide. And going to master it.

This was a great video Marie! I am definitely struggling with consistency right now! We just bought and moved into a new house a month ago, so have tons of unpacking and sorting yet to do.

Hubby works out of town during the weeks, so throw in taking care of our goats and the garden, and most days I feel accomplished just getting dishes done!

Love your work, Marie. Practical idealism at its best. Another inspiring episode indeed. The one thing that has helped me maintain a modicum of consistency is this: One example is… doing five minutes of meditation EVERY morning upon waking up; the key is it is done consistently,,, every day.

Once again, amazing advice! I have written these down and posting them up everywhere. The 1st one strung a cord for me.

We get so caught up in doing, that we forget the WHY we are doing it in the first place. We can relate this to what has been said about exercise, in that being conscience of the movement allows one to achieve better results.

I find my consistency easy when I am in a place of passionate inspiration and if I am NOT in that place, then I am open to noticing WHY not and getting an insight or taking an action to get my passionate inspiration back.

I too used to face problems being consistent. Without being much loaded with work. When my desk is organized I can work smoothly for hours. But when its not, I procrastinate and feel demotivated to create stuff.

Anyways thanks for this awesome video. It was really very valuable to watch this video. Although I do not suspend any type of consistency, some thing new I got.

Further I will like to add that your words are coming out like springing colourful fountain. Much love to you! I loved this episode, Marie and team! The all or nothing mindset is what actually ruins diets, business plans and marriages.

Staying consistent is a challenge for everyone. When I first started jogging I hated it, I hated all things sports because I was just horrible at it.

But I loved listening to motivational audio! So at first, I listened to 30 minutes of my favourite audiobooks while jogging.

For example, I can only eat my favourite ice cream if I get to finish a blog post. In this way, we look forward to what we already love and get the challenging part done to get there.

My second is my body: I put everything I have into my business and even though healthy habits are… habits to be learned, it still takes longer to create a Salad in the morning for lunch than buying a sandwich.

And when my energy level is at sock-hight I DO resolve to cake and chocolate instead of something timeconsumingly healthy.

Plus I AM a comfort-eater: And so I am looking forward to my business being so successful that I can hire other people to do more of my work, releasing time for me to take care of my body.

I chose my battle — the business. The hard part is not feeling guilty about not doing both of them….

This serves them, me AND my natural tendency to want to shift focus after a couple months. If I want to work on a longer term project, I break it up even in my mind works!

This is really smart, Stacie! Sometimes our brains can get overwhelmed with larger tasks because they can consist of so many smaller components.

Consistancy can be achieved. Yes it can, but there should be a mixture of firm decisions, diarising the work at hand and goal setting.

This is what i am doing to keep myself afloat and am enjoying the work i do in the world. I schedule everything, work, household duties, bills, gardening, exercise.

I just love my daily tick list in my diary! This is fantastic, Lorraine! I love that tip. These simple steps are a catalyst for bigger things to come.

Biggest is the tip of consistency! After 6 years of consistently working out and eating right, I have lost nearly pounds. Now, to take the steps and apply to other areas.

Now for my declarations on my business ventures! Great video, great topic, great tips, Marie! I agree with the advice and have seen personal results from using the five tips you mention.

What has worked for me? Learning from my inconsistency mistakes. Even something as simple as putting the dishes away each evening.

But making sure the dishwasher has been emptied in the morning makes the task seem seamless when nighttime comes around.

What else has worked: Thanks again for the helpful video. And Marie Forleo nails it again! You, team Marie, have the unique ability to say the right thing at the right time!

I have struggled majorly with consistency in all areas of my life.. It is my dream to meet you in person one day!

It cuts down on so much avoidance time to know that I just have to do it. Developing a model where other people count on me to deliver is one of the best ways for me to ensure consistency.

Just this week I decided to try something a little different to create more consistency and productivity in my work.

I was actually surprised by the results of this simple change. Not only did I manage to get a lot accomplished during that hour, but it actually got my creative juices flowing for the rest of the day!

Love this idea Sharon, thanks for sharing. Thank you so much for posting this! These strategies will really help me to stick with it! But if get on an incline treadmill and get my heart pumping on a daily basis for just minutes, then the consistency feels more achievable and doable.

Then move to the next thing. Thank you so much! I teach a course on this, and one thing I mention is piggyback habits.

Pick a habit you do consistently, and piggyback on that habit to create more consistency. For instance, say you already have a habit of washing the dishes right after breakfast, piggyback on that and do meditation each day after washing dishes.

What has kept my consistent is making it doable in terms on not over doing it or over scheduling it. I have made a small note from this video to be put up on my bulletin board so I can go through it whenever I feel down or stuck… thank you once again…love your work..

Shefali, so happy to hear this episode really connected with you. I love that you even made a note to remember your biggest takeaway! Marie and team, thank you for that helped a lot.

So far, and as far as I am concerned my best way to have…tried to stay consistent has been not to flee away. I have that tendency to GO and explore new places, new jobs, people.

I take a plane sheet of paper and I write all the things I would like to accomplish on the left side including any specific appointments I have.

On the right side I simply have the hours from the time I wake up till I go to bed, and I fill in what I did in what time frame.

Feels like a checks and balances system! Our actions need to honour our words by the very nature of our Integrity. I create Priority Jars for everything.

I make a list at the end of the day of things I want to accomplish the next day, which is a consistent part of ending my day. I assign a time frame for each task or group of related tasks.

This acknowledges that sometimes your day can start going off the rails but all is not lost. My list always starts with getting up early enough to exercise, eat and motivate myself for the day.

This was an awesome episode of Marie TV! Something that has really stuck in my brain and continues to keep me on track is this quote: Consistency is key to achieving long term results.

Creating accountability, making list and keeping your word to ourselves are some ways that I keep myself on track daily. It is so supportive to see other people struggle with this too.

I just realized that I workout regularly to stay slim out of vanity, haha! And it works, so have to incorporate this tactic again.

Working on going to bed early, then rising, doing my routine and getting to my studio by a certain time. I always start with visualizing the successful me and see her daily, and think of how much I will advance.

Good luck to us all! Marie, This episode is scared the crap outta me! I love your 4 the secrets at first because I can understand them and can mention them to my real life.

But that is great video. I love it so much. Ignore your feeling, I also want to ignore the doubt my ability and success.

I also do the work at my blog because your guide today really help me motivate to be consistence do on it and improve what I need for it become really good.

I super appreciate 4, but related most to 5. That wagon scoots away fast, so I better keep my running shoes on!

Thanks for this episode. Thanks so much for this fantastic video. Wish I had seen it 5 years ago when I was really struggling with my lifestyle.

I travel A LOT for work. What I realized after watching this video and reading some of the comments is that I was really missing habits.

I would create habits and gave them up every months when I moved again. I should not be giving them up! Great episode, thank you Marie.

I struggled to make time for meditation for a long time, eventhough I knew it would benefit me, it just kept being squeezed due to everything.

Well I finally cracked it and have been meditating for 15 minutes as soon as I wake up everyday for the best part of a year.

How did it manage It? Well it speaks to your 5 points, all of them in fact, but particularly scheduling, as it was hard to fit something else into an already packed agenda.

Break you To-do list into post-it notes. Every time you complete a task, crumple that note into a ball, throw it in a self ordained celebration ball, and… celebrate yourself!

For me, consistency is hard because I beat myself about all that I am not achieving versus all that I AM achieveing. This celebration bowl is rewiring my brain to see consistency as fun and a reason to dance 12 x a day!

I always put so much on my plate because I never want to give something up. Oh I so hear you, Nicole! Just for fun, I thought I might share one of my favorite episodes that talks a bit about that for a few tips: I would say that the best strategy to keep consistent is stop thinking to much in the future.

I know that when it comes to businees, we tend to plan all the time, by now, I take one plan and I try to consitently keep on this.

Love this topic, Marie! Keeping our focus can sometimes lead us to believe that there is but one way to achieve a goal and sometimes totally missing other alternatives or ways that may help us reach a goal.

I try to keep my focus and consistency too but I keep in mind that life goes on and whichever path I take is always a path closer to any goal I have in life.

Redirection can sometimes lead us to the right direction. Some tips to be consistent. Write down your why and keep it somewhere where you can see it often because in this busy world where everything is draining your attention, you need to have the right thing that needs your attention.

Set alarm in your phone about your goals at specific tonnes durin the day. Learn to say NO 4. Count your success not your failures. All the best Champions.

Thank you for the video. I find that prayer works best for reaching my goals. I also keep praying throughout the day because life is just too darn hard without it.

It seems magical to me but it is the power of the universe. I teach my clients to schedule things twice.

That way, they do it twice, or they do it once, with the idea that they could have done more, that they DO have time to do more than they think they can.

What has kept my consistency is having fun with what I do…I try to make it doable in terms on not over doing it or over scheduling it.

Its always not to get overwhelmed…. Hi Marie, This is your fan from Hungary. This summer I decided on 3 things I need to do, in order to create some passive income, and also to become location independent.

It is hard, sitting at home and writing the content, when I get inspiration from being with and among people, but I need to finish this up.

There is no other way. So now your video put me back in the chair, with some new energy, that yes, if I want that passive income, I have to finish what I started.

We believe in you and know you have some amazing gifts to share with the world. Thanks for that encourage Marie. I love those 5 reminders you gave and will sure to keep doing them.

I need to get a reminder. Great, really need it in life, I have everything, probably i lack these habits. Thanks Marie keep it up.

Great advice, Marie — and so true! Following on from that, I wanted tyo offer up a new word… Soulstainability — it touches on lots of similar things like consistency, failure and fear… Just thought it may help some readers — failure and inconsistency is ok for a while!

Starting at the beginning of this year I have been working on so many things and wanting to track my progress too. Right before I listened to this episode I actually decreased some of the habits I was working on.

I was feeling exactly what you mentioned, overwhelmed with how many habits I was trying to change all at once.

Thank you for that release and freedom that my heart needed to hear today! Thank you so much for all of your inspiring videos!

So, thank you again for your constant encouragement, support, and inspiration through the work you do!

Love that you felt so much validation in trimming down your list after watching this video. Thank you Marie Making a sign with my large goals So I always keep them in mind and also love the ignore your feelings so important.

These are some awesome tips to follow to keep us going. I really needed this encouragement from you Marie.

You are truly inspiring. Thanks Marie for sharing your valuable wisdom as always. Every month, I choose to one thing I want to make a habit.

That way, every month, I am gaining new skills that are now habits without thinking about it. It also is exciting to set a new goal every month- creating a habit lifestyle month after month, and it gets so much easier!

Beginning habits is a habit;. And also music, that helps so much on my hardest times. Thank you so much for the kind words, Angie!

Hi Marie, I love your Tuesday videos! All of your tips resonated with me so much. The schedule in particular has helped. Some days, I sit down at the computer and my mind just goes blank.

But I use your tip from another Tuesday video and plan my days the night before. I make a schedule with each hour in it and put my To Do list on it.

Keep the great tips coming! This is a huge area of attention! It is basic and real. OHSC Call or email for more information. HSC This guitar has a pretty good-sized neck, but it's got equally big tone.

Recent neck reset; re-fret, and bridge repair work by Bill Baldock. This one's good to go. A favorite in the shop.

For more information check out this link available on the Gretsch website. Serial A We love the tone in this mandolin the volume too.

Amazing instrument, this one, and all but new. Fabulous mandolin in great shape. If you're looking for an early teens A-4, don't miss this one.

Lovely ukulele, and our second from Joe. Comes with original bag. Comes with the original chipboard case and a hardshell case suitable for shipping the instrument.

Joe tells us he just recently changed his mandocello scale length from 27" to

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